Healthy foods are the best for proper balanced diet. In summers it’s most important to prevent your body from the heat wave, dehydration, starvation. When it goes in an access incredibly cause of death. The drinking water only helps to maintain a temperature of body and body’s water levels. But when our sweat, body losses lots of nutrients. How to regain those nutrients? There are following reasons to regain nutrients are as below:-

  • Coconut Water: – The coconut water is very familiar with us. While drinking coconut water, it gives full of nutrients and redeveloped all loose nutrients. Even, it is so hygienic, due to its outer hard shell. The coconut water has low carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Curd: – Curd is one of the best nutrient value to intake in a body. Yogurt and curd are very easy to made. Even you can easily buy ready-made. It keeps your body level cool. The curd is also used as complimentary with lunch, or as well as dinner.
  • Cucumbers: – The cucumber contains all nutrients and water as well. It also has some extra benefits to your face. It is using a varieties such as salads, dips and also cucumber juice.lander
  • Lemon Ice Tea: – The main source of working or normal peoples is tea. But in summers, when you intake lots of tea, it erupts stomach issues. Not get worrying just do one thing change your normal tea with lemon iced tea. It has low calories and
  • Watermelon: – Watermelons are totally full of water and extra nutrients. It consists potassium, Vitamins A & C. It helps to prevent from heart diseases. Just enjoy having juice, shake or even as salad easily intake. Simply it’s a very well healthy food.
  • Orange : – Oranges are very rich in nutritional value such as Vitamin C, thiamin, floate and antioxidants. It is also a very good source of dietary fiber. It contains 87 % of water which regulates to cooling body temperature.
  • Green Veggies :– The green veggies is a very good source to regulates body temperature. It is low in calories but contains vitamins and minerals. It eliminates all fatigue from the body.